You might be wondering what sort of a church we are at Malvern. Thats a good question! Actually we are quite diverse, but come together because we are passionate about Jesus. This site will give you a picture of what we are like, so have a look at the picture gallery and view a couple of the videos. We love engaging with the community and you will see that we enjoy being together.

Several things are really important to us; worship and music, understanding the Bible and its relevence, community and service. But to really know what we are like you need to have a look at us! Details of our service times can be viewed in our Welcome_Brochure.pdf.  So feel free to join in with one or several aspects of our life, make yourself known to us and see what we are like.  Who knows you might find a home! 

We are a congregation
of the Uniting Church

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We serve as Chaplains
to Annesley College

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