3 Year Plan


For the next two years Malvern Church has some clear direction.

We are embarking on a new adventure of engagement community. The effects will be quite noticeable in both physical and spiritual.

So what are we talking about? Well, the answer is found in 5 key areas;

1.    We want to encourage families in the life of the congregations so this area is two pronged

  • We are working at building a playground
  • We are reviewing our current Sunday morning children's programs

2.   We are keen to engage further in the lives of 12-18 year olds so we are currently researching youth requirements and parent needs plus current attitudes of this age group.  We hope to understand more and be a little bit more effective in our ministry.

3.   We are really excited about the ‘shed’ project we have underway. Our hopes are to build a shed big enough that it becomes a focus for activities of all ages – although we think that many men will be attracted to this one.  By the end of 2010 we hope to have a shed built that will be open to the community and to allow for mentoring and friendship and even the odd repair!

4.   Home groups are really important to us so we are undertaking to double our home groups. We are undertaking some research into what makes a good home group, we are doing some leadership training and we will be encouraging lots of the congregations to join in one.  Actually this is our primary vehicle for pastoral care.

5 and lastly ... well actually you’re looking at it! We have set out to build and maintain a functional web site. We hope that members will find information here as well as visitors might have a look at our congregations and know what to expect before they come. Please tell us what you think by sending Michelle an email here.

Finally... if you want to know more – then there is lots more information! Just ask and we are happy to chat!

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