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Weddings at Malvern Uniting

We are delighted that you are considering Malvern Uniting to be your Church. The celebration of marriage is an act of worship provided by the Church for its members and the community.Often people think of marriage as a contract or as a legal relationship. The Uniting Church understands marriage in terms of a covenant – a relationship which reflects the love and creativity of God and the commitment of caring partners. It grows as it is honoured, treasured and carefully nutured in your life together.
Many thousands of people have chosen to use this church for their special day. If you come inside you will see why. The interior of the church focuses upon a truly magnificent pipe organ, beautiful curved timber arches and ceiling detail, and historic, stained lead-light windows. There is ample seating space for approximately 280 people and yet intimacy of the service for smaller numbers is still provided.

Weddings are conducted at nominated times with about one and a half hours between services. For example, if the first wedding is at 2.00pm then the next would not be before 3.30pm ensuring that no couples feel that they are encroaching on another wedding.  The service usually occupies about 30-40 minutes, depending on what is planned. You will spend about an hour at the church. We do accommodate Sunday weddings but by special arrangement, as we run several services.
General Information about Malvern weddings
Marriage services at Malvern have our own Minister as the officiating celebrant and the Uniting Church marriage rites are used. However, if you belong to another church, your pastor or priest may be invited to share in aspects of the service, but this is by special arrangement only with the Malvern Minister being the sole officiating celebrant – without exception.  
The Minister will attend to all the documents to register your marriage. This is the law.  The Minister will guide you in planning the service and explain the different possibilities available to you. For example, readings from the Bible, prayers, lighting of candles, music choices and vows.  Significant alterations to the church, furnishing and ornaments are not permitted.

Most people choose to have the pipe organ played at their wedding. We encourage live music but CD’s may be used as the Marriage Register is signed. At times, other musicians or soloists are invited or hired. This would be an added cost and your responsibility to arrange. Please speak to the Minister about this.

Photographs and videos are permitted. Professional photographers must be respectful of the service and generally operate from a fixed position. Please no flash photography during the service.

Confetti, rice, rose petals or ticker-tape are not permitted in the church (it’s just too hard to clean up). However, guests are invited to throw rose petals over the bridal party in celebration of their marriage after they have left the church.  Rose petals are preferred as they are by far more environmentally friendly!

Malvern Inside
You may want bows or ribbons on the end of the aisle seats. These need to be attached by a loop
so nothing is stuck or pinned to the aisle seats. The church has an ivory set that you may wish to
use but, in the main, most prefer to do their own.

The provision of service leaflets is optional. The Minister will assist you with compiling them. Printing is your       responsibility and your cost. Prior to printing please ensure the Minister has proof read.  
Its helpful if you make contact with us at least six months before your wedding date or, as soon as possible, if you have less time than that before your wedding, to make arrangements for the marriage preparation.
Financial Costs
The normal fee for a wedding service at Malvern is $870. This covers the preparation of the wedding service, the use of the church property, the services of the Minister, organist, caretaker, administration and “Marriage 101” course.  Extra costs may apply if more detailed assistance is required for our sound desk on the day. 
We require a booking fee of $435 within 30 days of inquiry. Balance of fees is required 10 days prior to the wedding day.  If the booking is cancelled a fee of $100 will apply and will be taken from the booking fee when refunded. 

Marriage Preparation
With this in mind we believe that it is important that every couple who is to be married in the Uniting Church has a planned time of preparation. This enables the Minister to offer care and to help you prepare for, not only the wedding day but also the development of your relationship by exploring issues, practicalities, hopes, concerns and experiences that each brings to your marriage.  A 2016 brochure will be available soon.
Marriage takes a lifetime to grow.
It is an expression and a reflection of God’s love. If you do not participate in a church we would encourage you to ask and discover about the Christian faith and how God calls us into relationship with Him. Some people come to a service before the wedding to get a feel of worship and engage with God, you and your partner are most welcome to do this. Please make yourself known to us if you come.
More information can be obtained from contact the church office, 8271 6817 or email
To further assist you in your decisions a booklet has been prepared for you to download - Weddings_at_Malvern_Booklet.pdf


Suggested Readings
1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Ephesians 3:14-21
Colossians 3:12-17
1 John 4:7-16
Song of Solomon 2:10, 8:6-7

Suggested Psalms
Psalm 23         The Lord’s My Shepherd

Psalm 46         God is our refuge and our strength
Psalm 84         How lovely, Lord, how lovely
Psalm 103       Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven
Psalm 121       To the Hills I life my eyes

Suggested Hymns  – Together In Song (TIS)
59      All people that on earth do dwell
100    All creatures of God & King
106    Now thank we all our God
134    Praise, my soul, the king of heaven
217    Love divine, all loves excelling
613    Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy
645    As man and women we were made
648    Help us accept each other as Christ accepted us
654    When love is found and hope comes home
664    Your love, O God, has called us here
698    When the light of the first creation
779    May the feet of God walk with you

Check List leading up to your Wedding Day 
Book church Check date available/view church/pay deposit to secure booking

Make other bookings Reception/flowers/photographer/cars/suits etc....
Meet with Reverend Present birth certificates/divorce annulments/death certificates (if applicable)/sign “Intent to Marriage”
Prepare order of service Contact organist to confirm hymns/sound system
Proof of Order of Service Provide Minister with copy of order of service before printing 

Pay balance of church fee 10 days prior to - contact church office
Photographers/Video Must comply with the ministers request during service
Book rehearsal for wedding 3 to 4 days prior to wedding/sign paperwork

                                                Ensure whole wedding party are in attendance 
                                                Provide copy of order of service to run through
Delivery of flowers to church Can be made 1 hour before the wedding


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